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Pentagramma triangularis copyright Vorobik

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Goldback Fern Painting

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Family: Pteridaceae

Original: 8 by 10 inches framed. SOLD. Thank you patron.

Prints--200 edition, Giclee, Arches Watercolor paper, deckled edges, suitable for framing in 8 by 10" frame.

Cards--invitation sized.


Goldback Fern (Pentagramma triangularis)

Family: Pteridaceae

"Goldback Fern" is a newly created watercolor with pen and ink illustration of the west coast fern, Pentagramma triangularis.

This is one of the first uncommon ferns that Linda encountered. It grows on rocky outcrops, and is a wonderful addition to any shady rock garden. The name referns to the silvery or gold backs of the frond. This coloration comes from a waxy material that surrounds the spore-bearing capsules, or sporangia.

The framed original was a commissioned work. If you are interested in commissioning a painting for yourself or a loved one, see "Commissioned Works" page, or contact Linda at vorobik@gmail.com.