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Phantom Orchid Notecard Image

Image used for Notecards, not for Prints. Click for whole print or detail view

Phantom Orchid, Image for Notecard

Phantom Orchid, Cephalanthera austiniae--click for whole print or detail view

Family: Orchidaceae

Framed Original: Private Collection

Prints--Giclee, Edition 200, 12 by 24 inches

Cards--5 by 7 inches, on watercolor paper with a deckled edge. This image is used for Notecards only (proportions are different)


Phantom Orchid, Cephalanthera austiniae
This orchid, native to the United States and Canada, is a rare treat to find, but is becoming less common as old growth forests diminish in number and size. Phantom Orchid, named for its pure white stems, is completely without chlorophyll, and depends upon its association with fungal strands (mycorrhizae) in the soil, which deliver nutrients to the orchid. It is one of several non-green, "mycoheterotrophic" orchids (such as coralroot orchids) and Heath Family members (candystripe, pine drops, ghost pipe, etc.) which also grow in dark conifer forests.